The 250T-1 is our Flagship model, with Advanced Rotary Damper technology.


Now dominating the marketing in never before seen performance in low wave height and exceedingly superior performance in larger wave heights.


Simple installation.
Simple control.
Reliable performance.

ARG-250T-1 | 50-70' VESSELS

  • Specifications

    Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM 25,000Nm
    Height 700mm (27.6 in)
    Depth (Fore-aft) 720mm (28.3 in)
    Width (Athwartship) 1,080mm (42.5 in)
    Power (single Phase) 220 – 240v | 3,500 – 4,800W
    Spool-up Time to Rated RPM 40 minutes
    Weight 700kg (1,543lbs)
    Rated RPM 3,750rpm
    Angular Momentum at Rated RPM 5,000Nms
    Spool-up Power AC Motor Single phase 4.8KW/Three phase 4.3KW
    Operating Power AC Motor Single phase 3.5KW/Three phase 3.0KW
    AC Input Voltage Single phase 220-240V, 50/60 Hz/Three phase 200-240V, 50/60 Hz

    Envelope Dimensions

    Gyro 250T-1 HxWxD: 700mm x 1,080mm x 720mm / 27.6in x 40.2in x 28.3in
  • 5 Years / 8000hrs Warranty throughout Australia

    24 Month Factory Warranty. An additional 36 Months Warranty covered by Anti Rolling Gyro Australia Pty Ltd.

    See Warranty page for Terms and Conditions

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